After enjoying multiple other games on the new Wii system, we recently purchased Rockband for Wii. We could hardly contain our excitement to try it out that wonderous Sunday. The system comes in easy to put together pieces - drums, guitar and microphone. The intial set up was slightly confusing but after some twiddling around we quickly got started. Neither of us had played Guitar Hero previously so at first we were quite slow and confused about how to read the notes when they appear on the screen. The game comes with Training Tutorials that are very helpful and I HIGHLY recommend before attempting to play.

Up to 4 people can play at one time, a singer, drummer, bass and lead guitar. I would honestly say the drums are the most difficult, but once you get the hang of them they quickly become a favourite. I found myself enjoying the drums the most. There are 63 songs to play and hopefully Wii sets up the online market so new songs will be downloadable onto the system (this would be my ONLY complaint at this time)

The system costs $170 and is sure to deliver long periods of rocking out !!!

I give Rockband for Wii 4 STARS out of a possible 5, only because of the inability to download new songs on the internet ready Wii - but I'm sure this will be possible in the near future.


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