So we took our first trip to the mainland this summer. We were hoping to ride the new Coastal Inspiration (I didn't just make that up). However, we were uninspired and had to ride the older ferry. Ferry prices have risen again, an adult one way is now 13.00. Bring a vehicle and you're looking at another 43.00. Ferry workers were looking more confused then ever (new perhaps?). We finally got on and went upstairs to the washrooms, the food line-up was ridiculously long as usual (it's always nice to bring snacks) White Spot now serves on BC Ferries. Once I got an undercooked burger, I had to inform them in front of an entire line up of people. Awkward for them. If you plan on napping or having quiet time on the ferry, forget it. People frequently forget they are in public while on their cellphones. If I want to try to sleep I opt for staying in my vehicle, but other people do this too and they aren't always sleeping.

They do have plug in units for cell phones or laptops if you so desire, but they are limited.
Did I also mention I love waiting in ridiculous long lines, in the heat of the summer, not really knowing which ferry I'm going to get on? You can also make reservations for 17.50. Then you'll really be impressed when you get there a half an hour early and you didn't even need the reservation! No refund for you! Enjoy your ride on BC Ferries!


grizzlygal said…
I stopped taking ferries over the last year or so - due to the ridiculous cost of the fares. I now fly back and forth to VAncouver from Comox, at not much greater a price - a way more convenience!
grizzlygal said…
I stopped taking ferries a few years ago due to the ridiculous price of the trip. I now fly back and forth from Comox, it's way more convenient. BC Ferries needs to reduce their fares and generate sales!!!
s. said…
We usually fly too, it saves so much time and energy!!

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