Petroglyph Park


Today we decided to check out Petroglyph Park, I pass it all the time near the old highway but have never checked it out. It's located just past Southgate mall area and just before entering downtown. There is a small parking lot and it is NOT an offleash park. All in all it isn't much of anything - the entire walk is not more than 10 minutes and the petroglyphs are not much to see. The sandstone was very eroded.


These prehistoric rock carvings could potentially be more than 1000 years old.
Interstingly enough locations for rock art carvings were often chosen carefully, and are usually made at places of power or mystery – places where the forces of nature are believed to be especially strong. These areas are usually marked by natural features such as waterfalls, rock formations or caves, and most are near water. Petroglyph park is meters away from the ocean.


It's a cute Provincial Park, but if you're looking for a serious walk or hike with your pet it will disappoint.


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