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40th General Election!

So here we go, to the polls for another election. The important thing is just to be involved. It's your opportunity to have a voice, to be part of a decision. We have unimpressive numbers at the polls, especially involving young people (18-29 ). This is our future and it's on us to vote. We need to. Politics may be uninteresting to some, but it dictates and controls pretty much everything we do in life. You can even focus on what's important to you and check out the candidates platform and make a decision based on that. Just make it to the polling office people! Here's some info on the process and some links on the candidates ....... Conservative. Liberal. NDP. There are more but these are the main 3, check out others if you want - the marijuana party is pretty interesting ;)

Englishman River Falls.

Located near Errington and a hop skip and a jump away from pretty Parksville and Qualicum. The falls are best viewed in the spring with the roaring Englishman river at full tilt. There are multiple hiking trails along the river and among the forest. There is about 3km of on trail use to explore. The paths follow the river and lead to the upper and lower falls, providing vies of the canyon and waterfalls along the way. The main trail crosses the river in two places, offering visitors a bird's eye view as the water plunges down the narrow rock canyon toward quieter waters below. During the summer a crystal clear pool at the base of the lower falls turns into one of the best swimming holes in the area, and the whole park becomes a prime viewing area for the return of spawning salmon in the fall.

Firehouse Grill

I've been to the Firehouse Grill a few time prior and had enjoyed it immensely - I love the choices between the more traditional western meals and the sushi menu, it makes for great variety! This particular night I opted for the Fish and Chips, which was actually beer battered salmon. The server we had I had experienced before, she was prompt, helpful and friendly. I enjoyed a pot of green tea before the meal. The meal arrived no less than 15 minutes after we ordered, my half order of fish and chips was scrumptious looking, the chips lightly tossed with some salt and pepper. The fish was delicious, cooked to perfection, there was no sogginess or excessive grease. It was served with a chipotle tartar sauce, which was new but excellent with a slight spiciness added to the tartar sauce. The meal was well priced, $11 for a half order and $14 for a full (two pieces of fish).I left feeling happily full and content, anxious to go back again to try something else new!

West Coast Trail.

Recently I've been researching a potential West Coast Trail adventure. I'm shooting for April-May of 2009. Upon researching I've learned quite a bit about the process which eventually leads up to the 75km trek. First and foremost you have to book a reservation(not MANDATORY, but strongly recommended) at least 90 days in advance. There's a reservation fee of $25.00 per person. This is in ADDITION to the $70 it costs for the Trail Use Permit Fee. This is payable when you start your hike. There are two possible start sites - One being the Pachena Bay Trail head which is near Bamfield. The other is the Gordon River trail head. This one is usually suggested as the beginning is quite rugged, therefore you can somewhat enjoy the rest of the hike from this point. There is also a mid-entrance which is located near NitNat Lake. The hike is expected to take 5-7 days, or potentially more depending on your speed. This hike is not suggested for beginners, it's a moderately d

Top Restaurants in Nanaimo (IMO)

Soo, I'm going post and talk about a few of my favourite restaurants in Nanaimo. In no particular order! Delicados Southwestern Cafe and Market - There are two Delicados in Nanaimo, one is downtown (my personal favourite) on Wesley St and the other is on Aulds Road next to Woodgrove mall. Delicados is small and personable, boasting delicious mexican style foods. Enchilados, nachos and various fresh salads are all on the menu. The decor is fun and easygoing and the food is reasonably priced! You can also buy some fresh take home chipotle sauce made right at Delicados! Iron Wok - New authentic and Canadian chinese food - located on Stewart Av right by Nauticals Seafood. Far superior to Shanghai or any other Chinese food restaurant in town. Well priced and huge portions! I suggest going with a small group of people so you can each other a portion and share, guaranteed to be lots of take home too! Firehouse Grill - Easily the most popular downtown restaurant these days. This pla


After spending a short amount of time in Victoria this weekend I thought I would put together a little "Exciting things to do in Victoria" it goes. Butchart Gardens - 800 Benvenuto Avenue, Brentwood Bay This National Historic Site of Canada, owned by the Butchart family for over 100 years, offers 55 acres of world famous floral displays. I can recall seeing a spectacular fireworks show (best I've ever seen) which usually display every Saturday night during the summer (last one is August 30th) Bastion Square Market is in the heart of downtown Victoria and is a must see for any tourist. It goes from May to October. It is open Wed-Sun and all holidays from 10:30am-5:30pm.. You can also see local entertainers. Much of the square has been restored and boasts many heritage buildings, cobblestone walkways, and wrought iron lampstands. Walking through the square you will find a variety of artisans peddling their art and crafts, and the Maritime Museum and much mo

16th Annual Canadian Beer Festival

16th Annual Great Canadian Beer Festival Starts: September 5, 2008 Ends: September 6, 2008 Over 7,000 people attend this popular annual event featuring over 170 beers from more than 45 craft breweries from across Canada, Belgium and the Pacific Northwest of the United States. As well as the beer sampling there is live entertainment and food booths provided by local restaurants and caterers. Price: Tickets for Friday $20.00; $25.00 for Saturday. Festival tickets include a bus pass to safely transport attendees back to their homes and hotels. Beer tokens are sold inside the park at $1.25 each. Location: Royal Athletic Park

Canadian Body Paint Championship

This weekend Nanaimo beat out Canadian cities such as Calgary and Whistler to host the Canadian Body Paint Championships. Jeff King and Dawn Tyndall will be hosting. Guests and artists arrive today and artists workshops are happening all day. Friday there is a welcome party for all artists and guests and is open to the public. The evening event The Monkey's Jungle Masquerade Party will be held Sept 5th at 7pm in the Centennial Building at Beban Park. Local band EPIC will perform live. There will also be a DJ, some artful surprises, and a costume contest. Saturday is the main competition. There will also be live demos and face painting for kids of all ages. Saturday night all art pieces will be presented to music and the theme of "It's A Jungle Out There" starting at 7pm. The public can vote on their favorite art piece and have their photos taken with the models and artists of their choice. There will be a live band Little Head, fire dancing performances by Willow, a

Avalon and Galaxy Cinemas.

As an avid movie watcher, I often like to take in a couple theater movies at least a couple times a month. Most recently I decided to go see Pineapple Express. As I was repeatedly told, the movie was hilarious and enjoyable. Aside from the overpriced snacks and drinks - there are a few other issues that continuously irritate me about going to see a movie at the theater. 1) People and their cell phones. So yeah, a lot of people own and use cell phones - understandable, but do we REALLY need to be on them 24/7? Guess what, we survived without cell phones in the past and I truly believe we can handle NOT being on them for 2 hours. Even checking text messages is annoying to other movie goers, as your led screen is bright and distracting. It can wait, take a breath and turn your phone off, you'll be ok. 2) People bringing toddlers or even infants to inappropriate movies. Have you seen Pineapple Express? Or Stop-Loss? Both of these movies are adult films, there is sexuality, violence a