40th General Election!

So here we go, to the polls for another election. The important thing is just to be involved. It's your opportunity to have a voice, to be part of a decision. We have unimpressive numbers at the polls, especially involving young people (18-29). This is our future and it's on us to vote. We need to. Politics may be uninteresting to some, but it dictates and controls pretty much everything we do in life. You can even focus on what's important to you and check out the candidates platform and make a decision based on that. Just make it to the polling office people! Here's some info on the process and some links on the candidates .......


Conservative. http://www.conservative.ca
Liberal. http://www.liberal.ca
NDP. http://www.ndp.ca

There are more but these are the main 3, check out others if you want - the marijuana party is pretty interesting ;)


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