Avalon and Galaxy Cinemas.

As an avid movie watcher, I often like to take in a couple theater movies at least a couple times a month. Most recently I decided to go see Pineapple Express. As I was repeatedly told, the movie was hilarious and enjoyable. Aside from the overpriced snacks and drinks - there are a few other issues that continuously irritate me about going to see a movie at the theater.

1) People and their cell phones. So yeah, a lot of people own and use cell phones - understandable, but do we REALLY need to be on them 24/7? Guess what, we survived without cell phones in the past and I truly believe we can handle NOT being on them for 2 hours. Even checking text messages is annoying to other movie goers, as your led screen is bright and distracting. It can wait, take a breath and turn your phone off, you'll be ok.

2) People bringing toddlers or even infants to inappropriate movies. Have you seen Pineapple Express? Or Stop-Loss? Both of these movies are adult films, there is sexuality, violence and COARSE language - if you were worried about affording a babysitter maybe you should stay home and RENT a movie. Hearing a child cry and talk during a movie that isn't even a kids movie is ridiclous. Keep Jr at home. This is even more inappropriate when it's a 9oclockPM movie and your baby is awake. Be more responsible!

3) People dropping their young kids/preteens off without parental supervision just for "something to do" while they go shopping or whatnot. Your kid doesn't really want to see the movie, they are just in their with their friends annoying everyone else, that's not fair. I've witnessed popcorn fights, constant talking throughout the movie and in one instance 2 kids were calling each other on their cell phones and talking while they were right next to each other!

Needless to say, I've been avoiding the movie theater lately in hopes things will change. Hopefully they will.


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