West Coast Trail.

Recently I've been researching a potential West Coast Trail adventure. I'm shooting for April-May of 2009. Upon researching I've learned quite a bit about the process which eventually leads up to the 75km trek.

First and foremost you have to book a reservation(not MANDATORY, but strongly recommended) at least 90 days in advance. There's a reservation fee of $25.00 per person. This is in ADDITION to the $70 it costs for the Trail Use Permit Fee. This is payable when you start your hike.

There are two possible start sites - One being the Pachena Bay Trail head which is near Bamfield. The other is the Gordon River trail head. This one is usually suggested as the beginning is quite rugged, therefore you can somewhat enjoy the rest of the hike from this point. There is also a mid-entrance which is located near NitNat Lake.

The hike is expected to take 5-7 days, or potentially more depending on your speed.

This hike is not suggested for beginners, it's a moderately difficult trek. I think I'll do it !!!


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