Vancouver Island's December Snowfall

Noooo more snow!

I have lived on Vancouver Island all 26 years of my life and I have never experienced such random, unpredictable weather.

The snowfall we experienced back in 1996 left Victoria with 124 cm of snow over a two day period. It shut down most of the island for days. The December 2008 snowfall has been equally shocking, as the snow is still here as a reminder of the 116 cm we have received since December 12th. This has far exceeded the 96 cm Nanaimo received in 1996. I think this weather has finally taught a few people how to deal with driving in this weather, I'm seeing a
significant decrease in people driving like the roads are safe and clear.
Speeding in this weather just isn't worth it. Ask the driver who's two children were killed near Cassidy Airport area due to speeding and bad road conditions. Be safe, drive safe or stay home if you have doubts.
Who knows what the weather will be like in January. According to the weather network
we have a bit of sno
wfall for the next few days, but it should be insignificant.


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