BC Budget 2009


Highlights include:

14 billion invested in infrastructure which would develop 88,000 new jobs. Which is good because currently the unemployment rate is 5.5% in B.C - with a population of around 4 million, that's 200,000 without jobs.

Green intiatives.

Help for the floundering forest industry.


Anonymous said…
I think this budget is fair even though I am adverse to a debt economy. Health care, education, infrastructure renewal and green initiatives are the important areas to maintain and grow. Now is the time to buckle down and get it done!

Green initiatives like the BC Hydro Clean Power Call need support. Independent Power Producers take huge risks in developing their projects and the rewards are clean energy for BC, jobs and a legacy of forward thinking.

Beware of Raif Mair and his blowhard politics. If the NDP are elected into power in the Spring then a great deal of effort and progress will be lost to narrow-minded thought and union protectionism.

s. said…
Thanks for your comment CMA -

Forward thinking is exactly what this province and Vancouver Island need right now - in fact, the whole world needs it.

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