Gabriola war-resister arrested at border in Washington

Nanaimo Daily News

Published: Thursday, February 05, 2009

Former Gabriola Island resident Cliff Cornell was arrested on Wednesday after crossing the border into the United States.

Cornell left the U.S. Army when he learned he was to be sent to fight in the War in Iraq.

Cornell has said he was prepared to comply fully with U.S. laws and turn himself in to his former unit at Fort Stewart, Ga., but he was arrested by U.S. border police and is being held at Whatcom County Jail in Bellingham, Wash. He now faces a court martial and jail time because he refused to participate in what he considers an illegal and immoral war.

Clifford Cornell, right, says he was assured he would not have to fight in a war when he enlisted in the U.S. Army six years ago. Jennifer Yuhasz, Cornell's co-workers is one of many Gabriola Islanders who wanted the federal government to rescind Cornell's deportation order.

Robin Long, another former resident of British Columbia who was deported from Canada in July, is now serving a 15-month prison term. After he was returned to the U.S., he was court-martialled.


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