Snow On Vancouver Island

I'm sorry to announce, that it has snowed about a foot (give or take, depending on the area) in Nanaimo.

Luckily, the weather forecast predicts it will clear today - it was still snowing at 5am this morning.

Let's hope I'm not stranded indoors for 3 days again.


Chrystal Ocean said…

Am down in Duncan. We got about two to three centimetres. Don't know when the snowing stopped, but when I looked out the window at 4:30 a.m., snow was on the ground but none was falling from the sky.

My one consolation: this was likely Winter's last hurrah, at least for down here.
Anonymous said…
haha, minimal snow in Vancouver - snow is reserved for the hills... time to go boarding!

s. said…
@Chrystal - I hope you're right on the last hurrah of the winter. I like snow, but in moderation!

@CMA - Snow is definitely reserved for the hills, the more the better! Happy boarding :)
Anonymous said…
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