Vancouver Island Investing Scandal

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It would seem in these troubled times - money, power and prestige attained in questionable and deceiving ways is being ostracized for what it really is: Greed.

Although one must try to get the story from various perspectives (allowing the truth to be more objective), reading about Mr. Thow's disgust with his $10,000 whiskey and his various (and completely unnecessary) personal aircraft - I believe this man paved his own destiny. This is a man who made magnanimous charity pledges (one being to the Great Victoria Hospital) which he did not fulfill. Some of his clients included - Nickelback's Chad Kroeger, Geoff Courtnall and EA boss Don Matrick. His bank and credit card accounts show almost a million dollars in hotel accomodations around the world, $100,000 in jewelry and $130,000 in clothing (you must have been looking spiffy Ian!). Needless to say, this is the type of lavish lifestyle and greediness that always backfires.

Interestingly enough, the $32 million that creditors are claiming Thow owes, doesn't come close to his expenditures - So where's the money? Needless to say, Berkshire and most recently Tom Harris of Nanaimo need to be questioned. Tom Harris and a few other "creditors" (e.i people who Thow took money from to place in investments) are sending this man more money? After reading the Nanaimo Daily News article (click on Tom Harris) I fail to find any sensible (or legal) reason a creditor would do this.

Let's hope the truth comes out.


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