Vancouver Island Man Suing For 2 Billion...again...

A Nanaimo man who tried to sue the RCMP, Google, Microsoft, UBC and others for $2 billion last year has now filed two new lawsuits claiming he remains a victim of brain computer interface technology.

Both suits filed by Jerry Rose are focused on the actions of the RCMP, but also name the Attorney General of B.C., the City of Nanaimo, Microsoft, Intel, Telus, Google, Itronix and a former neighbour near his Starling Road home in Cedar. In one suit he is again seeking $2 billion in damages, and in the other he specifies $1,425,000,008.88. Documents do not disclose why the $8.88 is specified.

In November last year Rose's initial suit drew interest when a B.C. Supreme Court judge refused to immediately dismiss the case at the request of lawyers for the RCMP, Microsoft and other defendants. Justice A. Fraser Wilson said that given the style of cause raised by the defence, he had to consider the merits of the case, as bizarre as it appeared.

He went on to find that Rose's allegations were "wild speculation" and "bound to fail."

In the suits filed just days after Wilson dismissed his claim, Rose again claims he was a victim of invasive brain microwave technology and "brain-to-brain networking" and that his charter rights were violated. The RCMP, he claims, were "directly and indirectly" involved in "invasive surgery" and other brain interference.

This is From The Daily News.

I find this interesting for a few reasons, one being the first judge did not immediately dismiss the case. Could he be real victim of brainwashing? It is interesting to note subliminal messages in advertising are not a secret and it does actually happen, does this man just feel it is not right to push and bully consumers this way without their consent? He talks about "invasive surgery" and other brain interference... maybe someone should interview this guy? Could be interesting.....


Anonymous said…
I am also surprised that this did not get thrown out immediately!
s. said…
This guy should write a book, I'd probably read it!

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