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Vancouver Island Earth Hour Results.

Nanaimo, Courtenay and Campbell River all saw an INCREASE in power usage during March 28th 8:30-9:30 annual Earth Hour. Earth hour started as an online global effort to reduce power consumption and raise general awareness for climate change. The provincial champion was Sooke (4.8%) and Parksville was close behind with a 4.1% reduction. Needless to say, I think it's something to get people thinking. Thinking about their habits, their consumption, their needs/wants. It's not going to directly affect everyone on the same level, but every little bit helps.

Nanaimo, Vancouver Island Video

Created by me! Enjoy! Stay happy and healthy :)

Notable Vancouver Island Business.

AJ's Home & Auto Detailing AJ's detailing offers everything complete automotive detailing, to home and office care. Check out their website for rates, services and offerings! Call (250) SAY-WASH!! That's (250) 729-9274

Armed Stand-Off In Nanaimo....

So..... There was an armed stand-off in Nanaimo, near the hospital. Read More Here Can we expect to see crime rates rise as E.I and employment plummets?

Vancouver Island Economy.

So if you haven't been living under a rock the last 6 months, you know the economy is not looking it's healthiest. We've all heard about it, some are experiencing it personally. The doom and gloom was evident on the front page of the "Daily News" today in Nanaimo. Although I was reading a different article a couple days ago - that stated our unemployment is only at 5.5% on Vancouver Island, which isn't GREAT but it's definitely not that BAD. I'd like to make this blog a community sounding board for anyone that has had their job directly affected by the current economic downturn. Please comment and tell us your story.

Fish Farms Off Campbell River

Interesting video highlighting the plight of the wild fry and the effects of sea lice from farmed salmon.

Spring has Sprung!!

So it looks like spring has sprung on beautiful Vancouver Island! We had some decent weekend weather and it looks like spring rain is in full force today. Growing up on Vancouver Island has made me actually appreciate the rain. It's cleansing, it helps plants grow, it's humbling. I've recently had a gracious offer from a reader to provide me with some Port Alberni info (I must admit I don't spend a whole lot of time in PA, not since we stopped having softball tournaments there!) So this blog is going to be short and sweet, with a little event update from Sandy in PA! 28 March Hops Festival 7-9 PM at the Echo Community Centre - 10 Breweries most local, 6 restaurants 25 -26 April Day of the Arts A local sorority hosts this event every year. When you buy a ticket, you get a map of all the studios participating and a ribbon to wear showing you have bought a ticket. Ticket will be available through the Rollin Arts Centre in Port Alberni, Tel: 250-724-3412, E-ma

Vancouver Island and The 2010 Olympics.

So, the Olympics (Winter) are coming to Vancouver. Here are some interesting stats on previous Oly mpics. This was found HERE. Olympics have been known to greatly increase tourism, and this won't be any different with a city that already has great interest world wide. Calgary 1988 During Calgary's Olympic year, tourism grew by 12 per cent, augmented by an average annual growth of 3.25 per cent in the five years following the Olympics. Sydney 2000 Sydney had 1.6 million additional visitors in the year following its 2000 Games. Sydney saw $6 billion of worldwide media exposure as a result of the Games. Salt Lake City 2002 9,000 International Olympic Committee (IOC) accredited media attended the Salt Lake City Games, while an additional 1,600 non-accredited media were in Park City for the Games. Vancouver-Whistler 2010 Number of visitors expected during the Games is 17,000 per day in Whistler. NBC will pay $820 million for the U.S. television rights for t

Some Vancouver Island Weather Pictures/Video

We've experienced some interesting weather here on Vancouver Island in the past 3 months. A freak snow storm in December that just kept coming and coming. Some unusual fog that stayed with us for sometime. Now today, we once again have a significant snowfall - I can only respond to this snow with a simple video: Enjoy!

Vancouver Island Salmon Fishing

Vancouver Island's prime fishing time of the year is anytime between May-September. It varies depending on the type of salmon too. Type of salmon caught near Vancouver Island! Chinook (aka "Spring" salmon) Time to fish: All year Size: 20-70+pounds Limits: 2 per day, 4 in total Coho Time to fish: Late June through October Size: 7-20+pounds Limit: 2 per day, 4 total Chum Time to fish: Late June through October Size: 8 - 20 pounds Limits: 4 per day, 8 total Pink Salmon Time to Fish: Early July through September Size: 4- 10+ pounds Limit: 4 per day, 8 total Sockeye Salmon Time to fish: May through August Size: 4-10+ pounds Limit: 4 per day, 8 total. Some popular areas for fishing are Campbell River, Port Alberni, Tofino/Ucluelet.

Best Place to Live on Vancouver Island?

Where do you think is the BEST place to live on Vancouver Island? Why do you think it's the best?

Vancouver Island Movies/Theaters.

Catching a nice afternoon flick is a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. I compiled some information on all the theaters on Vancouver Island, in alphabetical order. (I just watched Slumdog Millionaire and liked it so much I'm suggesting YOU check it out) Landmark 2655 Cliffe Ave., Courtenay tel. (250) 338-5550 LISTINGS Criterion 404 Duncan Street, Duncan tel. (250) 748-0678 LISTINGS Nanaimo Landmark Woodgrove Centre, 6631 North Island Hwy, Nanaimo tel. (250) 390-5021 Cineplex 213-4750 Rutherford Rd. (Rutherford Mall), Nanaimo tel. (250) 729-8000 LISTINGS Landmark 4717 Argyle St., Port Alberni tel. (250) 723-8412 LISTINGS AND VICTORIA LISTINGS