Vancouver Island and The 2010 Olympics.

So, the Olympics (Winter) are coming to Vancouver. Here are some interesting stats on previous Olympics. This was found HERE.

Olympics have been known to greatly increase tourism, and this won't be any different with a city that already has great interest world wide.

Calgary 1988
  • During Calgary's Olympic year, tourism grew by 12 per cent, augmented by an average annual growth of 3.25 per cent in the five years following the Olympics.
Sydney 2000
  • Sydney had 1.6 million additional visitors in the year following its 2000 Games.
  • Sydney saw $6 billion of worldwide media exposure as a result of the Games.
Salt Lake City 2002
  • 9,000 International Olympic Committee (IOC) accredited media attended the Salt Lake City Games, while an additional 1,600 non-accredited media were in Park City for the Games.
Vancouver-Whistler 2010
  • Number of visitors expected during the Games is 17,000 per day in Whistler.
  • NBC will pay $820 million for the U.S. television rights for the 2010 Winter Games. The IOC told Bid cities to estimate 49 percent of all television contracts for the 2010 Olympics in their budgets, currently estimated at $400 million US. This amount supersedes the $348 million estimated in budgets prepared by Vancouver 2010 Bid Corporation.
Other numbers
  • Number of rooms required for media and broadcasters in Vancouver and Whistler: 9,000.
  • Amount of federal/provincial Endowment Fund contribution to support ongoing operations of Olympic Venues after the Games have ended: $71 million.
  • Number of countries expected to participate in 2010 Paralympic Games: 40; number of athletes: 700.
  • Number of passenger ferries that would transport people from Richmond and Canada Place to Squamish during the Olympics: 16. Number of buses operating daily between Vancouver and Whistler: 900.
  • Amount spectators will pay for event tickets: $19 to $710; number of tickets available: 1.8 million.
Vancouver Island is just a short ferry ride away from Vancouver, more laid-back, more in-tune with nature and more enticing for older folks who are looking to retire without having to pay 1 million for a condo. The Swedish nordic ski team has expressed interest in using the Mount Washington site for training. Booths will be set up at the Olympics highlighting and educating the public on the beauty that is Vancouver Island.

Vancouver Island will benefit greatly from this opportunity and hopefully people find out how great our little island really is.


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