Canadian Movie "One Week"

Recently I checked out the movie "One Week" by director Michael McGown, featuring Joshua Jackson.

The synopsis is a young man (mid-twenties) is stricken with a terminal illness. He decides quite impulsively to travel across Canada (he is in Ontario) to the west coast. He leaves his job, fiancee and family on a beautiful journey which depicts many iconic and memorable Canadian cities and monuments.

He ends up in Tofino B.C. I thought it was a heart-warming, eye-opening movie that made me do a little self reflecting. It was worth the watch!

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Unknown said…
Hey, I think they filmed part of that movie at my castle where I work!!! One of my coworkers met Joshua Jackson while he was here filming :)
I will have to see this movie for sure!
Anonymous said…
i have driven across canada several times and ended my journey in tofino,bc. to drive ACROSS CANADA you can't start in ontario. ACROSS CANADA cannot start at the center and move to one end.while i agree that the drive is beautiful,you need to make the whole drive to get the whole experince.i also agree that tofino is beautiful as is so many other places along to route ACROSS CANADA.
s. said…
Well Anon I agree the whole drive would be the whole experience, but in this movie Ben lived in Toronto - so therefore that's where he started. I live in Nanaimo, I wouldn't back track and go to Tofino and then head East - I would just start where I was!

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