BC Votes.

As many of you may know, we are in the midst of a provincial election. As a strong advocate of having and utilizing your voice - I strongly suggest you take the time and cast your ballot.

In my opinion no vote is a wasted one, it takes minimal time to have your say in who will run YOUR province. Do your research, be informed - your future depends on it.

Here are some helpful links, check them out and cast your vote on May 12th!

Elections BC

Be aware that you will also be voting for a referendum involving the way in which we vote.

Check out both these websites and get informed!


British Columbians For STV

And last but not least the Registered Political Parties!

Here are some videos and information that may be helpful as well. I also strongly suggest you do your own investigating and research to help you decide where to place your vote.

Pro Liberal Video

Pro NDP Video

Other Links.

The Tyee

10,000 Voices For BC Rivers

BC STV Debate


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