Haslam Creek Suspension Bridge

Many people don't know about it, but in 2002 a suspension bridge was installed across Haslam Creek. This development is included in efforts to establish the Trans Canada Trail. Next will be to establish a crossing point over Nanaimo River.

There are 3 ways to access the Haslam Creek Suspension Bridge.
1. Across from the airport, in Cassidy. This is located at the end of Timberlands road, making a left at Rondalyn Resort. There is no signage at the entrance anymore due to VIU's Heavy Duty Equipment Operator Program running in the gravel pit that runs along side the trail. If you park in between a private logging road and the gate you should find a trail at this point.

2. Up Spruston Road, drive past Mountainaire Resort, it starts just past Loftus Road. I have yet to access the trail this way, but will be checking it out in the near future.

3. Nanaimo River Road Access: Once you pass the turnoff for White Rapids Road, travel another 3.6 km up Nanaimo River Road to some gates. Look for a small Trans-Canada Trail sign on the gate going towards the Nanaimo River.
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Unknown said…
Note: The Nanaimo River road access currently does not let you cross the river to the trail to the suspension bridge, although you can get to the other side of the Nanaimo river from the Haslam bridge trail. (several hour walk)

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