Vancouver Island History

Here's a little history lesson on Vancouver Island, enjoy!
  • It is assumed that Vancouver Island was created as a result of volcanic activity over a period of 200 million years, starting about 360 million years ago.
  • It was most likely near present day Mexico, slowly migrating up towards California.
  • For quite some time, both Britain and Spain occupied the region.
  • New Westminister was declared the province's capital before Victoria.
  • The "Malahat" was a completed gravel road in 1911. The first automobile made it over in June of 1911
  • Archaeologists have determined that people have lived on Vancouver Island for about 9,000 years.
  • Canada's oldest Chinatown is located in Victoria, B.C.
  • Vancouver Island's first permanent resident was Dr.John Mackay.
  • Native's occupied this island far earlier than any Europeons.
  • The 49th parellel, which seperates Canada from the US, runs right through Ladysmith.
  • Richard Blanshard becomes the first governor of Vancouver Island, but resigns within 18 months.
  • In the 1800s small pox brought over by Europeon settlers decimate approximately 1/3rd of Native populations.
  • In the 1870s BC join confederation, much to some's dismay that it should have become part of America.
  • In 1910 mine workers strike due to unsafe work conditions
  • In the 1920's the Tory leader Simon Fraser Tolmie imposes a tax of 1% on all incomes over $12 a week due to the stock market crash "Black Thursday".
  • In the 1940's an earthquake measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale rocks Courtenay, causing severe damage.
  • Mary Bell is the first woman to swim the Strait Of Juan De Fuca in 1950.
  • In the 1960's Victoria experiences Typhoon Frieda with gusts up to 145 km/hr.


Lolly said…
This history lesson is not very factual. You should get a copy of West Coast Fossils, A Guide to the Ancient Life of Vancouver Island, by Rolf Ludvigsen. Graham Beard. This Island known as Wranglia has it's beginnings deep in the pacific where New Zealand now lays pages 28-29 has a wonderful graphic of the planets land mass as it evolves over time.

When you write about history be careful what you say. This was Vancouver's and Quadra's Island Colony. With British Columbia on the mainland, the two amalgamated after a heated debate, Victoria stayed a Capitol when we became one Colony under the name of British Columbia.

There is so much more history writen by Edmond Hope Verney a British Naval Officer who spent his 2 year posting in Victoria and explored this wonderful Island, he kept a journal which has been compiled as a book Titled Letters to my Father from Vancouver Island, by Prof Emeritus Alan Pritchard.
s. said…
Thank you for your comment, I will check out your recommendations. History can often be subjective.

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