Vancouver Island Reviews and Information Feedback

Hello readers. I recently have been receiving a lot of e-mails and feedback about the site and would like to thank everyone that takes the time to comment.

Most recently I received an e-mail from a fellow from the Netherlands who LOVED what he experienced here, I'm going to post some of the e-mail.

"visited the island in September 2008 together with my girlfriend and my best friend.
We fell in love with it (especially myself!) because of it's beauty. An astonishing nature, laid back people and the nice cities were the reasons. We visited Victoria, Sooke, Port Alberni and Ucluelet. In Ukee, we stayed at the Terrace beach Resort. Because Jason was there for a fishing trip with his wife and some friends I had the opportunity to meet him briefly and taken picures of me and him."

As the weather warms up on Vancouver Island so does the allure of outdoor fun in places like Tofino
Port Alberni, Campbell River and everywhere else on beautiful Vancouver Island.

Live the good life!


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