Vancouver Island Forest Fires

Here in B.C we've hit some record high temperatures and not a whole lot of rain in the past few months. Due to this, there has been almost 500 blazes across our province - the majority of them caused by people.

Specifically there was a suspicious fire in South Nanaimo which actually closed down Parkway traffic. This area (Nanaimo Lak
es area) has been the victim of suspicious fires since last year.

Unfortunately the cost of fighting such fires is h
igh, by last week more than $680,000 has been spent fighting 110 fires in the region alone this year. This is double the amount the coastal forest service deals with in an entire season. Many of the fires have been started on Island Timberlands property and an investigation is underway for suspected arsonists.

Walking this morning I happened to be facing southbound near Duke Point and snapped these shots.


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