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Black Bears on Vancouver Island

Recently my mother had a bit of a scare when she realized a juvenile black bear was in her dog run. The bear got spooked by the dogs and immediately ran up a tree where it remained for a few hours. We called the conservation office and they came out to see if they could do anything, seems the bear was tagged and had already been relocated. The neighbours apple tree with it's rotten apple's on the ground at attracted the great beast.

British Columbia has the largest black bear population in North America
and Vancouver Island has the densest population of bears in the entire province. Black bear attacks on human's are very rare - in most cases it is a female protecting her cubs, otherwise they tend to just retreat when confronted by a human.

Cape Scott (Northern Tip of Vancouver Island)

So I am making a tentative plan to hike Cape Scott

I've done some minor research and it looks like June - September is the best time to plan a hike, due to the likelihood of a very muddy trail otherwise.

Here are some interesting tidbit facts on the Cape Scott area:

-Originally the Tlatlasikwala, Nakumgilisala and Yutlinuk natives occupied the area.
- Although there are fresh water sources, it is recommended that you boil all water you consume.
- Black bears and cougars are frequently seen and it is important that you know how to deal with a run in. Bear bells or pepper spray are a good idea.
- Holberg is the closest accessible town. En route to Cape Scott keep an eye out for the "Shoe Tree"

Depending on the weather conditions these are some different trails with different distances that you can hike.
Destination:Kilometers (1 km=0.621 miles)Hours of hikingSan Josef Bay2.53/4Eric Lake3.01Fisherman River9.33Hansen Lagoon14.75Nissen Bight15.05 …

Vancouver Island September Photos.

After a little bit of a hiatus from posts I went for a hike to the Harewood Plains on the weekend and snapped a few shots after the massive rain storm an hour earlier. Enjoy!