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Vancouver Island Weather ...

Where's winter? There has been no snow for Nanaimo since the beginning of 2010. Now we are looking at double digits (10+) until Monday and it feels like spring! Looks like the whole island is going to see unusually warm temperatures for the next little. Can't say I'm complaining!

Nanaimo Off-Leash Parks

There is some good news for dog owners in the Nanaimo area, there are some new off leash area's tentatively planned within the next year or so. Some places being considered are: - Beban Park facility - Beaufort Park - Diver Lake Park - Colliery Dam Park These places are set to open this spring, with the following places being considered for 2011: - Nanaimo Ice Centre - Northfield rest area - Groveland Park For it's size and land area, Nanaimo only currently has 3 off leash areas, Cable Bay, Beban and the back portion of Westwood lake, some new area is definitely needed.

For or against the Olympics?

What we could have done with the money spent on the 2010 Olympic Games Wednesday, February 3, 2010 at 9:30pm Source material: Pete Mcmartin, Vancouver Sun. Healthcare: The cost of the Olympics could have funded the construction of 6 state of the art hospitals to replace St. Paul’s. Seismic Upgrades For Schools At Risk: The cost of the Olympics could have funded the entire budget of the seismic-upgrading program four times over for schools in British Columbia. As it stands now, only 32 out of hundreds of elementary and secondary schools have been upgraded as of last year. Education: The cost of the Olympics could cover the four-year tuition fees of 345,383 UBC arts students – or 314,004 UBC science students – or 287,853 UBC engineering students – or 100,963 UBC medical students. The cost of the Olympics could pay the salaries of UBC’s 587 full professors for 73 years. The cost of the Olympics could cover the cost of educating every elementary and secondary student in the Provin

Vancouver Island Short Film Festival

Coming very soon is the 5th year for the Vancouver Island Film Festival. This festival is sponsored by the Nanaimo Arts Council. All entries tend to feature local actors, writers, directors, musicians and film technicians. The films must be 10 minutes or less. The festival will stretch out over two nights in 2010, February 12th and February 13th both at 7pm at Vancouver Island University Theater. Awards will be presented after the February 13th showing. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at any of the locations below! The Nanaimo Arts Council (located at North Town Center - Rutherford) Falconer Books (located at Port Place Shopping Center) The House Of Indigo (Commerical Street location) The Nanaimo Art Gallery (located at Vancouver Island University) For more information please contact or call 250-729-3947. You can also check out for more information !