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Vancouver Island Irish Pub

Dermond and Dudley's Irish Pub located in Lake Cowichan received a recent visit from me. The allure began with the outside which looked classy and sophisticated and extremely inviting! It is located near the shore of Cowichan Lake. The decor and ambience was excellent, large wooden tables and high ceilings gave it an "old school" feel. The service was prompt, polite and courteous - even though it was 4pm on a Saturday, I can't see it being any different on a busy evening. We ordered a plate of the "Oh Yammy Fries" (yes I am a self-proclaimed yam fries and chipotle fan) and a plate of the chili lime wings. The food arrived quickly and hot. I had never had chili lime wings but they were absolutely excellent! Now you'd think it would be hard for a restaurant/pub to mess up on yam fries (but it's pretty common, unfortunately). Dermond and Dudley's yam fries were top-notch for me. Still hot, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. The perfect amo

Nanaimo Costco

I am officially an unhappy customer. Now as a single person I do not feel the need to frequent Costco, since I do not have a large family to feed (the main purpose of Costco, IMHO). I go there MAYBE once a month. So for me to spend $50 on a membership seems pointless. It wouldn't be worth it for me. I understand Costco has some decent pricing (but let's be realistic, no one TRULY saves money at Costco - in fact I seem to spend far more than I wanted to!) and they try to provide wholesale prices, but I fail to see the purpose of PAYING for a membership just to SPEND money somewhere. I'll stick to the story here. I went to Costco with a member and at the till was asked whether I have a membership to which I replied "no". I was asked whether I wanted a membership to which I replied "no, I don't come here enough to benefit from that". Upon us both putting our groceries through I was going to pay for both orders when the cashier lady informs me apparently