Vancouver Island Car-Share

Car share co-ops are nothing new (they were/are popular in Europe starting in the 1960s!) But I was surprised to learn there are car share co-ops in Victoria and Nanaimo. Basically you register and are given a membership (this is based on having a FULL privilege drivers license). You then pay a refundable Member Share Deposit, which is approx. $500. There is on-line and telephone reservation for when you would like to use the vehicle. Vehicles are parked at designated "hubs" usually close to buses, and mass transit centers. According to the video, for every car that is utilized in a car share program it takes 6-30 cars off the road. This just makes sense, I would like to speak to someone who has actually used this program!


Thanks for the mention of Nanaimo CarShare. If you'd like to speak to one of our members, please email nanaimocarshareinfo(at), and we'll ask an experienced member to contact you.

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