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BCTF Strike Notice

Media seems to be startlingly biased with support for a government who says Families First. With funding just recently stripped from families with special needs (Teachers assistants etc) there is even more reason to stand behind the people who educate and guide our young ones into the future. Please read and share. BCTF News Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 31, 2011 Teachers determined to make a difference for kids in this round of bargaining As the new school year begins, BC teachers are disappointed that the employer has not returned to the bargaining table with a mandate to invest in public education through enhanced funding for services to students and a fair increase to wages and benefits for teachers. Despite an April 2011 Supreme Court decision that ruled BC Liberal laws stripping class-size and composition clauses to be unconstitutional, the provincial government has done nothing to rectify the situation. By removing class-size limits and guarantees of

Vancouver Island Cougars

Although cougar attacks are highly unlikely (there have been approximately 5 death's in BC in the past 120 years! Bees kill more people each year) We figured we would educate the public on some pertinant cougar safety. The vast majority of attacks have been on children younger than 16, most likely because of their small size, erratic movements and high-pitched voices. - Adult male cougars weigh 140-200lbs, females approx. 90-100lbs. - They are most active dusk til dawn. - During late spring/summer 1-2 year old cougars become independent of their mother - Cougars are solitary animals, if you come across tracks with more than one print it is most likely a female traveling with kittens. Here's what you should do if you unexpectedly meet up with a cougar: - Cougar's generally are elusive and avoid confrontation, so if you see one NEVER approach it. - Stay calm and confident. - Do not RUN, this may trigger an instinctive attack. - Try to appear assertive and la

Favourite restaurant in Victoria...

We're always curious as to where people are eating, hanging out and having fun! Recently we asked some lovely people from Victoria where their favourite place to eat is... John - Wings. Chris - Noodle box. Holly - Cafe Mexico! Abbas - Noodle box without doubt Paul - Pig! Rocky - Pescatories!! Jarren - Koto and Pags Kim - Noodle Box Alex - Jackalope - by the Odeon Theatre on Yates St Jane - Ferris Oyster Bar Roo - noodle box !! Genevieve - Sunnyside Cafe!!! (for breakfast) Tara - Johns place Jane - Sunshine Cafe Jane - Floyds Diner We were recently very impressed with Sauce for dinner and Spoons for breakfast... What are your favourites?

Vancouver Island, Nanaimo Thai Food.

We recently had a craving for some good thai food, and decided to try out Kasira after many recommendations. We like to go out for dinner on Monday's as we find they are the least busy. Upon entering Kasira, however, it was packed! This is always a good sign. We read the menu that was presented outside as we decided to get take-out so we could enjoy a nice meal at home. We decided on the Drunken Noodles (with chicken) and the Spicy Summer entree. It was so busy in the restaurant our take-out order was 45 mins, but man was it ever worth the wait! We paid in cash, which gave us %10 off the bill :) The food smelled so good we could hardly wait. The food was perfect, delicious and fresh. The Drunken noodles had the perfect combination of sweet and spice with a hint of basil and the Spicy Summer was awesomely spicy! We will be going back very soon, as I really want to try the Thai calamari with sweet and sour sauce! Kasira is located at 6-6404 Metral Drive Nanaimo

Vancouver Island Urban Agriculture.

There is currently a very important issue being discussed (more like fought) in central Vancouver Island. Lantzville city council has threatened to shut down Compassion Farm due to by-law restrictions (that are out of touch with today's reality) Please watch the video and pass it on. Thank you Dirk Beck and Nicole Shaw for being passionate and fighting for what you believe is right, the world needs more people like yourselves.

Vancouver Island Long Weekend Fishing/Camping

August Long weekend was a blast! We decided to take up my dad's offer of a weekend fishing just off of Port Alberni/Bamfield on the westcoast of Vancouver Island to catch some spring salmon. It had poured the night before, so we were hoping for the better weather on the Sunday .....the sun was trying to come out! In the early afternoon the sun finally peaked through and we had caught 4 salmon by noon! It was a beautiful day and we finished it off by cooking our freshly caught wild salmon on our mini BBQ to complete an already perfect day!