Favourite restaurant in Victoria...

We're always curious as to where people are eating, hanging out and having fun! Recently we asked some lovely people from Victoria where their favourite place to eat is...

John - Wings.

Chris - Noodle box.

Holly - Cafe Mexico!

Abbas - Noodle box without doubt

Paul - Pig!

Rocky - Pescatories!!

Jarren - Koto and Pags

Kim - Noodle Box

Alex - Jackalope - by the Odeon Theatre on Yates St

Jane - Ferris Oyster Bar

Roo - noodle box !!

Genevieve - Sunnyside Cafe!!! (for breakfast)

Tara - Johns place

Jane - Sunshine Cafe

Jane - Floyds Diner

We were recently very impressed with Sauce for dinner and Spoons for breakfast...

What are your favourites?


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