Vancouver Island, Nanaimo Thai Food.

We recently had a craving for some good thai food, and decided to try out Kasira after many recommendations. We like to go out for dinner on Monday's as we find they are the least busy. Upon entering Kasira, however, it was packed! This is always a good sign. We read the menu that was presented outside as we decided to get take-out so we could enjoy a nice meal at home. We decided on the Drunken Noodles (with chicken) and the Spicy Summer entree.

It was so busy in the restaurant our take-out order was 45 mins, but man was it ever worth the wait! We paid in cash, which gave us %10 off the bill :) The food smelled so good we could hardly wait. The food was perfect, delicious and fresh. The Drunken noodles had the perfect combination of sweet and spice with a hint of basil and the Spicy Summer was awesomely spicy! We will be going back very soon, as I really want to try the Thai calamari with sweet and sour sauce!

Kasira is located at 6-6404 Metral Drive
Nanaimo, BC V9T

Business hours

Monday Dinner Time only (4.30-9.00)

Tuesday – Friday Lunch (11.00-2.00) Dinner (4.30-9.00)

Saturday Dinner Time Only (4.30-9.00)


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