Vancouver Island Urban Agriculture.

There is currently a very important issue being discussed (more like fought) in central Vancouver Island. Lantzville city council has threatened to shut down Compassion Farm due to by-law restrictions (that are out of touch with today's reality)

Please watch the video and pass it on. Thank you Dirk Beck and Nicole Shaw for being passionate and fighting for what you believe is right, the world needs more people like yourselves.


Anonymous said…
If this issue was about farming, it would be one thing, but it is about the misuse of a residential lot. Simple. Dirk and his wife have started a commercial farm in a residential neighbourhood. Not allowed. If Dirk wants to farm, get a lot that allows it, not in a residential neighbourhood that does not allow it. He is trying to make it a food issue and it ain't so quit the BS, Dirk.
s. said…
in my opinion, if it ain't doing harm why waste money, energy, and community resources fighting this?

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