Largest 5 Companies Headquarted on Vancouver Island

Ranked by 2006 revenue, with rank in the BC Business Top 100.

1: Western Forest Products, Duncan $896.8 million, #36

2: Thrifty Foods Inc, Victoria $552 million, #47

3: Black Press LTD, Victoria $390 million, #59

4: Coast Capital Savings Credit Union, Victoria $267 million, #80

5: Asperva Pharmaceuticals Corp, Victoria $243 million, #87


A surprise or two there. The Campbell family done good with Thrifty Foods. When nanaimmo's breakfast television show New Day was on the air in the early 2000's, and I was the audio guy, Alex Campbell used to be a guest from time to time (Thrifty was our main show sponsor for a couple of years). Sharp and funny guy- cooked us breakfast as celebrity chef too. Probably a bit different now that it's under Sobey's wing. The Campbells were good corporate citizens.

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