Top 5 Reasons It's Awesome to Live on Vancouver Island

In absolutely no organized order we have compiled a list of the top 5 reasons it's awesome to live on Vancouver Island. Enjoy!

- The weather is very moderate here, it's never unbearably hot and it's never unbearably cold. Southern Vancouver Island (Victoria) has the mildest climate in Canada!

- The natural beauty, lush forest, an abundance of beautiful rivers, lakes and old growth trees.

- An abundance of outdoor activities year round, including golf (there are 17 golf courses in central Vancouver Island alone!) Mount. Washington, Strathcona, fishing. beaches and a ton of hiking trails (including the infamous West Coast Trail)

- The diversity within communities. You'll see all walks of life, First Nations, Chinese, Middle Eastern, seniors and young people all enjoying one of the most beautiful places on earth!

- We are surrounded by the beautiful ocean on all sides, it's great to be a Vancouver Islander!


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