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Vancouver Island tip to tip trip Part 2

If you missed Part 1 you can see it HERE

Part 3 coming next week. Thanks to all our viewers!

Vancouver Island Reviews Business Page and Twitter Contest

So we've decided to have a fun little contest to get everyone over to our business page and following us on twitter!

Click on link below and "Like" us. For every "Like" you will be entered into a draw. Contest is over when we hit 1500 Likes. You will also be entered again for every time you "share" our fan page! Prize will be a $50 gift certificate to any restaurant on Vancouver Island you choose.

Vancouver Island Reviews Fan/Business Page

Twitter @VIreviews - every new follower starting today gets their name in a draw, also if you are already a follower on Twitter then you will be entered into the draw every time you Re-Tweet! When we hit 2000 followers we will draw for a $50 gift certificate to any restaurant on Vancouver Island you choose. Please share this blog and promote the contest, you could win! Thanks!

Bill Bard, Nanaimo School Trustee Nominee

We recently had a chance to have an e-mail interview with one of the nominees for school trustee here in Nanaimo, below is the interview, along with Bill Bard's contact and blog!

Bard's Blog

So on Nov. 19, the public will be electing 9 trustees for SD 68 - you are vying for a spot, what drives you to become a school trustee?

- My passion for public education is what drives me. All of our children came through SD68 and our granddaughter will enter it in a few more years. I believe I can do a better job than most current board members.

Can you briefly give us a little background information on yourself?

I was born and raised in south/east Vancouver by a single Mother in social housing, and have been a single parent as well. I understand the challenges that being alone and poor present.
For 16 years I was the owner operator of an entertainment business. I have also been involved in retail food.
I worked for years alongside professionals from the b…

Municipal Elections, Vancouver Island

In all of British Columbia, general elections happen every 3 years for mayors, councillors, regional district area directors, school board trustees and Islands trust trustee pursuant to the BC Local Government Act. They are all voted in on a 3 year term. Voting takes place the third Saturday in November, which would be November 19th this year.

You are eligible to vote if:

You are a Canadian citizen
You are at least 18 years of age on general voting day
You have lived in BC at least 6 months before you register to vote
You have lived in the municipality, regional district or school district where you plan to vote for at least 30 days before you register to vote

You may register at your regional district office or at the voting place. Here are some voting links to cities on Vancouver Island:

The Capital Regional District(Southern Tip/Victoria)

North Cowichan District(Duncan/Chemainus)

Regional District of Nanaimo(Ladysmith to Qualicum Beach)

Alberni-Clayquot Regional District(Port Alberni - Tof…

Something you might not know about Vancouver Island...

I've compiled a little list of some things you might not know about Vancouver Island (even if you were born and raised here like me), please feel free to add to my list by adding a comment or two!

In Chemainus close to the Western Forest Products sawmill, there is a sunken 737. The Xihwu artificial reef was donated by Qwest Airparts LTD thanks to efforts by Air Canada. It was lowered in the ocean by crane on January 12 2006

The small town of Port Alice is home to some very interesting underwater river/cave formations. This is called The Eternal Fountain.

There are some other interesting under ground river happenings with the Vanishing River and also the Devil's Bath in this area.

The Greatest Rainfall (in 24 hours) in Canada EVER was in Ucluelet, Brynnor Mines where 489.2 mm fell on October 6, 1967.

Della Falls is a waterfall in Strathcona Provincial Park on Vancouver Island. With the highest total vertical drop, measured at 440[2] metres (1443 ft), Della Falls is the highest wa…

Occupy Nanaimo, Vancouver Island

We were going to attend the Occupy Victoria rally, but decided we would save some time (and gas money!) and attend a local rally. Throughout this whole lead up to the Occupy protests I have heard a lot of negativity, "It's silly to think you guys are going to change anything" "It's dumb and a waste of time" "What is the point?". I am reminded of this lovely quote.

Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocrities. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices, but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence and fulfills the duty to express the results of his thought in clear form.
Albert Einstein, quoted in New York Times, March 19, 1940
US (German-born) physicist (1879 - 1955)

The movement is so broad, there isn't one reason for it - there are many reasons, distrust in the world powers, anger about the unnecessary and completely preventable economic co…

Vancouver Island tip to tip Part 1 video..

On Oct.2nd we ventured out on our first Vancouver Island tip to tip trip. Here are a few photo highlights of the trip from Parksville to Tofino. Please share the video and pass it a long! Thank you :)

Vancouver Island Tip to Tip Trip Day 1

As most of our loyal readers know, last Sunday we embarked on our first ever Vancouver Island north tip to south tip journey. I was born and raised on Vancouver Island and I've been to many places, but I had never been past Port Hardy. Neither of us had spent a lot of time up in the rugged North part of the island and it was time!

Vancouver Island is 31,285 km2.
Length is 454km (Cape Scott -> Cadboro Point in Victoria).
Length of beautiful coastline 3,226km

We live in Nanaimo, so we decided to head North, then go all the way back down south. We decided that Cape Scott would be our most northern destination (neither of us had been here before) and somewhere in Victoria would be our southern. Our first stop for the night was the Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort & Conference Centre in Parksville.
We booked a room by the ocean and was it ever beautiful! The room was quite rustic, but still had a sophisticated feel. The jetted tub by the bed was a nice touch. Waking up early to th…

Cape Scott, Vancouver Island

Well we finally arrived at the most northern point on Vancouver Island. We were so incredibly excited! The drive to Cape Scott is scenic (aside, from the vicious clear cuts here and there) and the signage is very easy to follow. We missed the infamous shoe tree, but a local said it pretty much looks like a garbage dump now anyways.

Cape Scott was named in 1786 by David Scott during a trading voyage to the area. The area is characterized by 64 kilometers of unreal ocean views and natural beauty. There are about 24 kilometer's of beach alone in this area! Nels Bight is considered to be the most beautiful of all the surrounding beaches, this beach is about 6 hours (almost 17 kilometer's) from the Cape Scott trail head, so unfortunately we were unable to access this beach on this trip but plan to make another trip (and hike) in early summer of 2012. We will probably do it over a long weekend so we can camp on the beach over night in a few spots, anyone who has ever hiked Cape Scott…

Parksville BC, Vancouver Island

Although Day 1 technically started yesterday, there was a slight delay in actually arriving to Parksville. Yes I forgot my credit card at home. While making reservations, I left it right beside the PC. Aside from that we arrived safe and happily checked into our lovely room at the Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort & Conference Centre. Checking in was smooth, friendly and quick. We are staying in a lovely ocean view room with a king sized bed and jetted tub right beside the bed. Absolutely tranquil and relaxing. The rooms have a rustic, yet classic and sophisticated feel.

We decided to hit a local watering hole for a drink and perhaps an appetizer. We have been to the Rod & Gun before, but not for food. We ordered the couple platter (shrimp ragoon, pita and tzatziki and coconut prawns. It arrived quick and hot. Completely made up for the disengaged server! We lounged for a bit and took in the atmosphere, then decided to pick up a couple bottles of wine and head back to the room. …