Bill Bard, Nanaimo School Trustee Nominee

We recently had a chance to have an e-mail interview with one of the nominees for school trustee here in Nanaimo, below is the interview, along with Bill Bard's contact and blog!

Bard's Blog

So on Nov. 19, the public will be electing 9 trustees for SD 68 - you are vying for a spot, what drives you to become a school trustee?

- My passion for public education is what drives me. All of our children came through SD68 and our granddaughter will enter it in a few more years. I believe I can do a better job than most current board members.

Can you briefly give us a little background information on yourself?

I was born and raised in south/east Vancouver by a single Mother in social housing, and have been a single parent as well. I understand the challenges that being alone and poor present.
For 16 years I was the owner operator of an entertainment business. I have also been involved in retail food.
I worked for years alongside professionals from the business and human services fields to create a safe social meeting place for Queer Youth and their Allies, largely modelled on the school GSA clubs.

For anyone who doesn't know, what is the job description of a school trustee?

In short, a Trustee is one vote on a Board of nine. The Board is responsible to set policy, complete budgets and mandatory reports annually, and most important, be accountable and accessible to the voter/taxpayer. The Board and District are the employers and also have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace for all.

Why would you be great for the position?

I have been to more Board and committee meetings over the past 13 years than most Trustees or Candidates. I still fail to see a single candidate that is new, show up to meetings. I know what the board does and how it does it. I am familiar with the structure of the district and senior staff knows me. I think I can light a fire under the chairs of the Trustees. I am not afraid to speak up or out within the boundaries of my oath of office, and I am in no specific stakeholders pocket, so I will always vote the way I feel is best for the entire district.

I was reading somewhere that the future of learning is leaning more towards distance or e-learning where children can learn right from their computers instead of in a classroom, what are your thoughts on this?

I too have read this and while I think technology has advanced to where we must not ignore it, I believe there is still a need to have in class teacher student interaction. The Learn At Home program is not perfect for every student or every course. Nothing can, at this time, replace a human teacher in the class room.

What are 3 words you would use to describe yourself.....


SD 68 Candidate Information



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