Dog Off-Leash Parks, Nanaimo - Vancouver Island

An off-leash park is a designated location where dogs and their owners can run free and play without a leash. There are a few contained sites.

Beban Park (Off Labieux Rd) - Open year round and 24/7, this facility is completely fenced in. There are separate small dog and large dog areas.

Cable Bay (down Nicola Rd, in Cedar) - This is a decent 2 km hike to the end and back, with a fabulous view of the ocean at the end. This is a forested area.

Westwood Lake - Located on the back side of West wood Lake, follow the signs up to the power line area where you can take Fido off leash.

Colliery Dam - This area starts at the parking lots joining the dam and Nanaimo Lakes Road. Open 6am - 10pm. There is a small fresh water lake here for swimming and drinkable water.

Beaufort Park - Adjoins the gravel parking lot at the end of Chelsea Crescent. It is partially fenced down two sides. Open all day, year round.

Diver Lake Park - Starts at the parking lot at the end of Black Franks Drive. Open all day from October 1 to April 30th.


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