Notable Vancouver Island Blogs.

I have decided to highlight some notable Vancouver Island businesses, blogs, companies etc every week - if you would like to see your business/blog etc here - shoot me an e-mail!

Yard Plots Landscaping Blog - An eco friendly, organic gardener and landscape designer. Call 250-739-1182 for a free estimate!

Vancouver Island Blog - Born in Port Hardy and raised in the Comox Valley, this avid blogger shares her love for Vancouver Island.

Go Nanaimo Blog - A news and entertainment blog from the best little city in Canada.

An Ultimate Adventure Guide to Vancouver Island - Where to find the best Vancouver Island Outdoor Adventures.



Unknown said…
As you don't have a link to your email I'll post as a comment, expecting that you're moderating and deleting as need be.

My Vancouver Island blogs:
Great idea - thx for asking :)
chrisale said…
Hi there!

Would love for you to include my weather blog.

It's Alberni and West Coast focused but applies to much of the Central Island from Nanaimo to Courtenay as well. And there is tons of resources there for all your weather needs! :)
s. said…
Hi Hans, the link to my e-mail is at the very bottom of the page.

Thanks for the links!

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