Vancouver Island Non-Profit Organizations

There are various New Years resolutions, to lose weight, to read more, to be more organized - etc, etc. One of my New Years resolutions is to do more, not only in my own community, but in this country and on this planet. One of the easiest ways to make a positive difference in your community is giving to a local non-profit of your choice. Giving can be simply volunteering or even giving monetarily. You can pick a non-profit to support based on what you feel passionate about. Some non-profits support ecological concerns, animals, education or people. Here are some notable non-profits around Vancouver Island. I hope everyone has a safe and fun New Year!

Greenways Land Trust
- Since 1996, the Greenways Land Trust has coordinated the efforts of hundreds of volunteers to improve the environment for Campbell River's residents and visitors. They play key roles managing local natural areas like the 500-hectare Beaver Lodge Forest Lands, the Haig-Brown Heritage Property, the Kingfisher Creek property and the Baikie Island Reserve in the Campbell River estuary. Annual events like Broom Bash, Oceans' Day, Beaver Lodge Appreciation Day and Rivers' Day engage the public and promote ecological and recreational greenways in the community.

Sanctuary Youth Centre - Sanctuary is an initiative of a number of Victoria churches, businesses and individuals to benefit youth in need in the city of Victoria, BC. The location is within easy walking distance to the Victoria downtown core.

Sanctuary provides a safe meeting place and a community for young people who are isolated from mainstream society. The 1800 square foot facility provides an artistic environment with areas to kick back, grab a coffee, get a shower, do laundry, even access email. Regular evenings of live music and other special events are being scheduled.

Sanctuary's role centres on meeting disadvantaged youth at their point of need, and in being a catalyst to link them with local aid and services.

The Octa Collective - a Victoria based not-for-profit organization with charity status. Our mission is to provide all children with the opportunity to develop life skills by exploring their potential through arts experiences.

Living Oceans Society - The largest organization in Canada focusing exclusively on marine conservation. Based in Sointula (Port Hardy)

North Island Wildlife Recovery Association - A non-profit organization that cares for the well-being of Vancouver Island wildlife and strive to educate the public.

Community Micro Lending - Based in Victoria, Community Micro Lending is committed to:

1. Building trust between citizens
2. Broadening notions of value and wealth
3. Leveraging small opportunities into big benefits
4. Economic development through community investment
5. Supporting place-based economic endeavors
6. Optimizing and enhancing existing community resources
7. Poverty reduction through small loans, mentorship and support
8. Meeting people where they are and not leaving them there
9. Helping individuals and communities to flourish
10. Ensuring that everyone involved has an opportunity to sparkle

Habitat For Humanity - Who they help:
Habitat for Humanity Canada is committed to helping low-income families caught in the vicious cycle of poverty.

Nanaimo Women's Centre - Mission Statement
Passionately creating a healthier community by working to strengthen women and families.


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