Vancouver Island Restaurant Review; Moby's Marine Grill - Saltspring Island

On our recent trip to Salt Spring Island we had the pleasure of visiting the oldest pub on the island. Moby's Oyster Bar & Marine Grill, is in it's 21st year of operation. Moby's boasts an extensive menu with fresh local oysters, pub food (high quality pub food too!) and a variety of delicious appetizers that is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

An important fact worth mentioning is they are also becoming a leader in green restaurants and conscious environmental business. They are trying to become 100% carbon neutral! Their menu is focused on fresh local food. The restaurant is situated ocean side, over looking Salt Spring marina (unfortunately it was dark when we arrived so we were unable to take in the wonderful view). There are great choices for vegetarians, vegans and the gluten-free crowd. There are 16 beers on tap and an extensive wine menu (local varieties available!) Moby's also provides live music a few nights a week in the cozy ambiance.

We decided to have dinner a little earlier than usual (5:30) as we were unsure of our concert venue and wanted to give ourselves a little extra time. The restaurant had only a few patrons when we entered, so we chose a seat close to the window. The high ceilings, relaxing music and calm atmosphere was just what we needed after a long day of traveling. Our waitress was very easy-going, prompt and pleasant. We quickly explored the drink menu and decided to try their Salt Spring beer, the Salt Spring Golden Ale (on the right) and the Salt Spring Whale Tale.

The Golden Ale had a crisp, light flavor and the Whale Tale was heavier but equally as crisp! We decided on getting some appetizers so we could try a variety of food on the menu. There was so much to choose from! We finally decided on the house made thick-cut onion rings with chipotle dip on the side, the 1/2 dozen half shell local oysters that came with 3 different types of sauce, the smoked salmon plate with capers, purple onion, lemon, cream cheese and toasted focaccia bread and last but not least a half order of their spicy sambal chicken wings. The kind waitress warned us they were indeed quite spicy and not for the faint of heart - YES PLEASE!

The food arrived fresh, hot and pleasing to the eye! I had to try one of these wings first as I am a spicy type girl and they were right up my alley. The spice was hot, but the wings had a sweet flavor to them that made them absolutely phenomenal! They were definitely spicier than most people would be able to tolerate but if you dig spice DEFINITELY give them a try, give them a dip in blue cheese and go to town! The onion rings were perfectly fried and were crisp and crunchy - the chipotle dip that came with them was perfect for the rings. The smoked salmon plate was a perfection on the palate. The oysters were our favourite with the 3 different sauces to try they were oyster perfection!

The meal, the location and the service was excellent and I would not only recommend Moby's 100%, but we have made plans to return in the summer (we want to see the Marina view from the restaurant!) Moby's is located on Salt Spring Island (a 20 min ferry ride from Crofton) Moby's can be found at 124 Upper Ganges Rd across from the Harbour House Hotel.


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