Vancouver Island Customer Service

I try to take a more positive approach to life and instead of whining about bad service (we've all experienced that!) I like to talk about the GREAT customer service I've experienced. Recently we asked our Facebook followers "Have you recently had a GREAT customer service experience? What business WOWed you recently?" and here were some responses!

  • Janice Armstrong Manhattan Home has awesome customer service. I bought a bracelet there and after about a month the pin on the hinge fell out. I took it in to see if they could get a NEW I could fix it. They took it back no questions asked and ordered a new one! Can't beat that! They also price match on all their kitchen stuff. I love supporting independently owned small local business!

  • Kimberly Plumley Smashing Glass in Parksville. They always treat me well. Today, I could not get there, so my kids ran in to get our goods - they treated them equally wonderfully and honoured them for being such good helpers for their mom. It meant a lot to me to have them treated like good people. Even if they are kids, they are consumers and know when they are treated with respect.


Anonymous said…
Aw that is such a nice addition to your blog. Gratitudes and Appreciations are harder to come by than whinning and complaining. Kudos for a nice sample of positive attitude.
s. said…
Thank you! I am putting the Law of Attraction into action :) Have you recently had a great customer service experience? For me = The Tea House Korean restaurant in Nanaimo!!!
Anonymous said…
Stevie Ross said…
I have amazing customer service every time I go to Discovery Coffee, The Mint Lunch, Castellos Coffee, and Venice Flower Shop in downtown Victoria. Small but "Mighty" businesses!
Valvdg said…
For 'guest' service you can't beat the Fairmont Empress.
What a fabulous place to stay in Victoria.
The staff go out of their way to make you feel welcome.
Valvdg said…
For the best 'guest' service I highly recommend the Fairmont Empress.
The staff are so welcoming.
What a fabulous hotel to stay in when visiting Victoria.

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