Vancouver Island Beach: Nanoose Beachcomber Park

Photo and article by David Hillier of dhp images

Nanoose Beachcomber Park is one of those little gems, that for the locals is a place of tranquility just a few steps away out there front door.

For Nanaimoites on the other hand, a 20 to 30 minute drive (depending on how heavy your foot is)

Take 19a north until you hit Northwest Bay Rd ( at the Petrocan ) and follow it until you come to Claudet Rd, then just follow your nose for about about 5 minutes and you will see it on the left.
Once you're parked and walking the trail it will lead you down towards the water through Douglas Firs, Garry Oaks, and Arbutus trees.

A longtime resident pointed out a very large Arbutus and called it the "thousand year old Arbutus"
, I am not to sure whether it is that old or not but for sure it is one BIG Arbutus!

Once you are at the beach you will be treated to amazing views of Mt Arrowsmith and the surrounding landscape across Craig Bay (West), look to the right (North)
to the Mainland Mountains across the Strait of Georgia to take in another stunning view.

For the beachcomber, when the tide is out (best time to go) the tidal pools left behind hold many small wonders of sea life to observe. The flat rock terrain is a temporary resting place for various driftwood that awaits the tides return to carry it off to some other nearby or far away beach, or to be carried home by one who has a home or garden decor idea in mind for it.

Beachcomber Park is Definitely "A Must Go To"
So pack up the kids and go explore, pack a lunch for two and take take that special someone,
or grab a book or your journal and go solo for some "Me Time"
You won't be disappointed!

Thank you very much to David for contributing his beautiful photos and great article on a wonderful Vancouver Island beach!


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