Vancouver Island Restaurant: Delicado's, Nanaimo

(A hot falafel roll-up; pictured)

It's a funky, high energy restaurant/deli that screams personality, which translates into a fun and exciting atmosphere at Delicado's. Eye catching d├ęcor, excellent service, great music and wholesome reasonably priced food have made Delicado's famous.

Our food is prepared fresh daily on the premises serving a delicious variety of flavorful, colorful and healthy southwestern food. The menu includes mouth watering items such as roll-ups(wraps), southwest burritos, enchiladas, tortilla pies, baked polenta, homemade soups, salad dressings and much more.

Specialized ingredients such as a wide variety of different hot sauces, BBQ marinades,fresh home-made salsas, and serveral varieties of oil free Humus, just to name a few, can be found in our mini-market right in the restaurant. So if you are looking for a Fun and Healthy alternative, Delicado's should be your next stop.

Delicado's: where the staff is as fresh as the food.

(Above excerpt is from their website)


  • South Nanaimo,
    358 Wesley Street,
    Nanaimo B.C.
    V9R 2T6,
    phone. (250) 753-6524

  • North Nanaimo,
    unit 404, 6581 Aulds RD,
    Nanaimo B.C.
    V9T 6J6,
    phone. (250) 390-0700,
    fax. (250) 390-4349

  • 799 Fort Street,
    corner of Fort and Blanchard
    Victoria B.C.
    phone. (250) 381-DELI (3354)

  • 1911 Oak Bay Ave.
    Victoria, B.C.
    phone: (250) 595-9984

  • 180 5th Street
    Courtenay, B.C.
    phone: (250) 338-8885

    Delicado's has been one of my favourite lunch spots in Nanaimo for years now, with fresh food, a funky atmosphere and AWESOME falafels - it's definitely a place that keeps me coming back for more. I love their chipotle sauce so much I sometimes go buy a small container of it to make my own wraps at home (it's doesn't work out the exact same, but that sauce is seriously great on everything!) If you get the chance, pop into any one of the 5 locations and try a roll-up!


Anonymous said…
tad dirty there
s. said…
tad dirty? How so?
Anonymous said…
waaaay too busy. I have tried to order a few times now and had to leave. Didnt have that much time to wait.
s. said…
It is definitely busy around lunch & dinner rushes, but that is usually a good sign! Try going mid-afternoon.
Jaime said…
I remember when it was just the little hole in the wall on Fitzwilliam. :)

I've been ordering the same thing since the first day I walked in there. Chicken roll-up, medium-minus, extra chipo, extra sprouts.

The Victoria locations seem to have done away with the sunflower sprouts, which is sad, but otherwise every time I order one it's a trip down memory lane.

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