Vancouver Island Reviews Plays Lotto Max

I am no means a lottery/gambling type person but for some reason lately I've had the urge to buy a lottery ticket. I've seen a few numbers come up quite frequently lately and decided to play them. I have also decided to involve my loyal readers and following in my soon-to-be lottery win. The jackpot is 20 million dollars, here is what YOU can do to have a piece of my win.

  • Share this article or ANY other article on our blog - then comment "shared" under the one you shared.
  • Re-tweet us on Twitter

    That's it! The person who shares or re-tweet us the most I will give them a share of my winnings!! Here is the ticket:

    Let the sharing and re-tweeting begin!


Anonymous said…
Hi, would love to have a piece of this ...I retweeeted under @ladystudent and I shared on facebook under Michele Hayes
Tracey said…
This is very generous
I shared on FB

and on twitter @wtbfl!/wtbfl/status/171104626802819072
Tracey said…
very generous
shared on twitter @wtbfl!/wtbfl/status/171104626802819072

shared on FB
Rhonda Callow said…

I shared on Facebook, retweeted on Twitter and Google +1 it!

Fingers crossed!

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