Vancouver Island Twitter News 2-6-12

Gift From The Heart - via @lifetimesmileDH
On Saturday February 11, 2012 Registered Dental Hygienists all across Canada will open their hearts and clinics to provide oral health care to the public who may be financially unable to receive dental hygiene care or who have difficulty accessing dental hygiene treatment; at no cost. A Victoria Independent Practitioner is offering services:

Focus On Dental Hygiene
/Cheri Wu
141 Menzies Street
Victoria, BC V8V 2G4

A flash mob breaks out in the Bay Centre in Victoria (via @SusanJones) - students from Vic High break out in song & dance with appearances from Hollywood lookalikes. This is a promo for Vancouver Island South Film & Media Commissions Feb. 26 2012 Red Carpet Gala

Black pioneers helped shape Nanaimo's history (via @NanaimoDaily) - February is black history month a time to revisit the stories of those long gone black pioneers who crossed the "colour line" and helped shape the province.

For more information and event tickets and times: Nanaimo African Heritage Society


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