Vancouver Island Featured Business: Get A Go Go Designated Drivers

Get A Go Go Designated Driver Service will get YOU and YOUR vehicle home safely. Based in Nanaimo, their rates start at $25 - which is comparable to most taxi services. Get A Go Go is different though - they get your vehicle home with you as well, here's how it works.

When your unable to safely drive your own vehicle, give Get A Go Go a call (250-244-3456) the dispatcher will ask you where you are and how many people need a ride (the number of people MUST be equivalent to the number of seltbelts in YOUR vehicle). A team of professional drivers will be dispatched to your location. A professional driver will be dropped off to drive YOU and your vehicle home. They will either be followed by another vehicle (someone will pick up your driver once you get to your destination) or another driver will meet at your destination.
Your driver will collect payment as this point, we live by the hospital and from the Old City Station Pub it cost $25 which was very reasonable. Any stops in between (7-11, McDonalds etc) will add $5.00 to your final bill). Stopping at an ATM or bank machine while not cost you however, since Get A Go Go only accepts cash at this point they will gladly stop somewhere for you if you don't happen to have cash on you at that present time. Here are there current rates:

  • Flat rate of $25* for the first 5 kilometers within Nanaimo.

  • Flat rate Downtown Nanaimo to:
  • Lantzville at Superior Rd $45*
  • Nanoose at Red Gap $65*
  • Parksville city center $85*
  • Qualicum Beach city center $100*
  • Ladysmith city center $65*
  • Duncan city center $125*
  • *+2.00 for each additional kilometer thereafter.

  • $5.00 for each extra stop between point of origin and final destination. (ie 7-11 stop)

  • For pre-booked calls, $1.00 per minute wait time (if not ready to go at agreed to time).

  • No extra charge for stop at an ATM (bank machine). (We only accept cash.)

We recently used Get A Go Go's service on St.Patrick's Day, at the busiest time on one of the busiest nights and from the time we called, they were there to pick us up no more than 10 minutes later. Our driver was polite and professional and got us home safe and sound. The huge bonus was having our car home so we didn't have to retrieve it the next day (and we avoided getting a parking ticket or a potential break-in from leaving it downtown). So if you're looking for a great alternative to a taxi and want to get your vehicle home as well give them a call!

I also had a mini e-mail interview with owner Janice Armstrong:

1:Hi Janice, where do you live on Vancouver Island and what is your favourite thing about your city?

A1. I am happy to call Nanaimo home. There is little I don't love about Nanaimo! We have a lot of natural beauty and outdoor activities to do...but also a lot of great cultural events as well. So many amenities here!

2:Tell us what your business is all about and where you are located
(i.e how long you've been in business, target market, what you sell etc).

A2. Get a Go Go Designated Driver Service operates in Nanaimo. For the past 15 months we've been driving people home in their own cars when they are not safely able to do so themselves. Most of our business is helping people home who have been drinking alcohol, but we've done medical calls as well and once we drove someone's car home because she was terrified to drive in the snow. Our staff are courteous and professional and our customers are pleased they have their car home in the morning and don't have to worry about their car being damaged or stolen.

3:What is your 5 year plan for your business?

A3: Our 5 year plan at Get a Go Go includes expansion into other Vancouver Island communities. We've had our services requested in other communities, so we're well aware there is a great need for it.

4:How important do you feel social media is to the success of a business these days?

A4: We find that social media is very important to growth in business. By the very nature of what we do people are putting great trust in us. We're trusted with their vehicle and their personal safety. By communicating on social media outlets people get a sense of who we are and that they are in reliable hands. Of course too, we rely on establishments around town so we use social media to help their bottom line as well. It's win-win.

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