Vancouver Island Reviews: 52 restaurants in 365 days

Inspired by a recent Facebook wall post by Stephanie Scott I have decided to do a "mini" 365 days of dining reviews and do one a week for the next year. According to Tourism Victoria, Victoria has the second most restaurants per capita in North America (second to San Francisco, I figured New York would be first!) - so I should have no problem at all finding some great, local restaurants to highlight and enjoy. As usual, I will be looking to my followers/friends/readers to give me input as to where we should visit, I have a few on my list already but I need some suggestions! I will be visiting restaurants across the island from Victoria to Port Hardy and everywhere in between!


Anonymous said…
In Campbell River visit Dolphins Resort, it is recomended to make a reservation and to request a windo seat. The view, the cuisine is worth it
s. said…
A few of my friends in Campbell River suggested Dolphin's Resort also - it's on the list, thanks for the suggestion!
Anonymous said…
Fusili grill in Campbell River, nice seaood and other interesting items
Anonymous said…
We really enjoyed the teahouse in the Filberg park in Comox. They had a really nice afternoon tea - might be one to check out!

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