Vancouver Island Honey Farms

I absolutely love a little splash of honey in my green tea, I love it even more if it's from a local Vancouver Island honey farm. I live in the Nanaimo area and always have a jar of Fredrich's Honey on hand. I've purchased it in Thrifty Foods as well as from the Cedar Farm Market.

Located in Cedar (15 minutes from Nanaimo) Fredrich's Honey offers many other lovely products as well, bees wax candles, bee bread (a 50/50 mixture of honey and pollen), and soaps. If you are a hay fever sufferer and aren't allergic to bees give bee pollen a try. It was the only thing that minimized my terrible hay fever attacks in spring. Fredrich's has been around since 1966, Master Beekeeper Theo Fredrich Sr. has been beekeeping for over 60 year! Now that's passion and dedication! The honey and pollen are 100% natural with nothing added.

You can purchased the honey straight from the farm 2798 Cedar Rd, bring clean empty jars or buckets and they will fill them for you! If you can't make the trip out Fredrich's Honey products are also sold at retailers in Nanaimo:

  • Thrifty Foods (Longwood & Port Place locations)
  • 49th Parallel Grocery (Cedar Rd & Ladysmith locations)
  • Charlie Brown's Health Food Store.
You can also check out one of the many local Farm Markets in the area - they sell their products at the Bowen Road Farmer's Market, Nanaimo North Market & Cedar Farm Market.

Tugwell Creek Farm and Meadery
This honey farm is British Columbia's first meadery.
Mead (Honey Wine) is the oldest art of fermentation. Consumed by all, from kings to peasants, mead has gained a reputation as a giver of life, wisdom, courage and strength down through the ages. Their award winning Meads (honey wines) reflect harmony and balance by blending varietal honeys and berries from our local region.

8750 West Coast Road
Sooke, BC V9Z 1H2
Tel: (250) 642-1956


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