Vancouver Island Restaurant Review(3); Sesame Sushi - Campbell River

This was our third review in our "52 Restaurant Reviews in 365 Days" project.
We were very indecisive when it came to where we wanted to visit and review in gorgeous Campbell River. A friend suggested Wasabiya, which was our first choice - however they were not open until 4pm and we wanted to do more of a lunch visit. The Campbell River Storm captain Kaydon Trumbley suggested Sesame Sushi. Although I couldn't find a functioning website for the restaurant I did find them on Facebook and a very high rating on urbanspoon. Out of 98 people that voted, 90% liked it. Most reviews stated although sometimes the wait was longer than usual, the food, price and freshness was well worth it.

Sesame Sushi is located at the Campbell River Lodge 1760 N.Island Hwy. It is also a functioning pub (instead of pub fare it is sushi!). What's better than an ice cold beer and sushi? ;) Upon entering the building it is very rustic looking (if you are an avid sushi goer, the ambiance may feel unusual for a sushi joint). It looks and feels like a pub, but does sushi and does it very well!

We were the only ones in the entire restaurant, which I usually feel is a negative thing but we visited at an unusual time so I disregarded it and took in the lovely view of Campbell River just outside the restaurant.

We were pleasantly greeted and sat, our waitress Justine was friendly, professional and prompt. We ordered green tea and scoured the menu. We decided we wanted to try a few different rolls so we finally chose The Dynamite Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Crunch Go-Go Roll and the Drunken Tiger Roll. Our food arrived about 20 minutes after we ordered and it arrived fresh and very visually appealing.

We dug in and all of the rolls were very generous for the prices (varied between $4 - $7, which is cheaper than what I'm used to for quality rolls) My personal favourite was the Crunch Go-Go which had tempura prawn on the inside and a spicy mayo on top. Including a few drinks our bill was under $30 and we were more than full. We had a very pleasant experience and will visit Sesame Sushi again when we are in Campbell River, check it out if you're ever in the area. Happy eating!


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