Vancouver Island Music Event; Ryan McMahon

Ryan McMahon hails from my home town of Ladysmith. After a stint in Vancouver, he's back on the island and finishing up his big western Canadian tour with two shows, one in Nanaimo (Diner's Rendezvous on May 30th) and the other at the Duncan Garage showroom (May 31st). This tour is an acoustic one with Christopher Arruda (from Nanaimo) and Vancouver's Cory Woodward. If you're wondering what his sound is like he sums it up on his website.

Like Neil Young, I’m an epileptic who loves both the scream of distortion and the peace of the acoustic. Like Eddie Vedder, I wear all of my influences on my sleeves, where Tom Waits, Buddy Holly, Warren Zevon and Bruce Springsteen all reside."

He captivates audiences and recently won 3 Vancouver Island Music Awards (Male Vocalist of the Year, Album of the Year (All Good Stories) and Artist of the Year).

Check out the Facebook event page HERE


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