Vancouver Island North: Top 10 Fishing Holes

It's fishing season on Vancouver Island! North Vancouver Island is rich with freshwater and saltwater fishing - here are the Top 10 fishing holes north of Campbell River.

  • Nimpkish Lake
  • Schoen Lake
  • Roberts Lake
  • Victoria Lake
  • Woss Lake
  • Quatse River
  • Keogh River
  • Nahwitti Lake
  • O'Connor Lake
  • Cluxewe River
  • Blackfish Sound
  • Dillon, Daphne and Duval Points
  • Gordon Group
  • Masterman Island
  • Telegraph Cove
  • Cormorant Island
  • Cluxewe River Mouth
  • Wells Passage
  • Haddington Island
  • Quatsino Sound.
Salmon tend to migrate May - September, peaking in the summer.
Halibut are abundant from March - November.

Be sure to visit The Department of Fisheries and Oceans for everthing you need to know about regulations, licenses and conservation areas.


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