Vancouver Island Restaurant Review(5); Kasira Fine Thai Cuisine

We had the pleasure of getting take-out at Kasira Fine Thai Cuisine last year and were very impressed, but I prefer to do a full review while actually dining in an establishment to get the full customer service experience. The perfect opportunity came up when West Coast Daily Deals happened to be offering a 50% off coupon that I quickly took advantage of.

Kasira is located across from the Superstore
at 6-6404 Metral Drive Nanaimo. On Monday and Saturday they only do dinner hours, 4:30 - 9pm. Tuesday to Friday they do a lunch 11am-2pm as well as their normal dinner hours (4:30-9).

We arrived early at 5pm and there were already patrons in the restaurant picking up take-out, through our entire visit there was a constant stream of take-out pick ups. The dining area is somewhat small but cozy and comfortable, some relaxing instrumental music was playing at the perfect volume which added to the ambiance of the room.

We started out with the spring rolls (5.95) as an appetizer, a mixture of vegetables and glass noodles wrapped in a crispy skin. These are served with a delicious homemade sweet and sour sauce.

We proceeded to each order a main dish, I ordered the Pad Thai (11.95) - the best known noodle thai dish. Sauteed rice noodles with egg, bean sprouts, and scallions topped with toasted peanuts. I of course ordered it extra spicy (being the heat hound I am). The warm spice and the sweetness of the toasted peanuts was an unreal combination.

My partner ordered the chicken Drunken Noodles (11.95) which is sauteed thai rice noodles in thai chili, garlic sauce with egg, bell pepper, onion, bean sprouts and thai basil.

A little spicier than some might like, but if you enjoy a good hearty spice give these a try!

The service was quick, prompt and polite - we had no room for dessert but we just MIGHT try the fried bananas next time we stop in. Kasira claims to be the #1 Thai Restaurant in Nanaimo and you know what, they might be right!


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