Vancouver Island Business: Knead Therapy (Nanaimo)

Knead Therapy provides registered massage therapy, physiotherapy & acupuncture in beautiful downtown Nanaimo. As a huge advocate for health, especially when it comes to prevention, I booked a 90 minute minute therapeutic massage. I had some slight shoulder pain (guess that comes with 16 years of being a fastball pitcher) but nothing too significant. The great thing about knead is you can easily book an appointment on-line! It's super convenient and their website is easy to navigate.

I arrived 15 minutes early to fill out some paperwork which included my health background, what I expected from my visit to knead and some personal information. The whole process took 5 minutes and before I knew it I was in my birthday suit in a dimmed room listening to some relaxing tunes. Owner Beverly Spidle asked me a few questions about where I would like to focus on in regards to the massage and got right to business. Bev treated my lower back, where I have had some problems over the years. She also treated my right shoulder, the therapy left me feeling light and relaxed. I left the office 90 minutes later feeling brand new and just a little sore (to be expected with a professional massage). Kneadless to say, (hahaha oh yes I did just slip that in there!) I have booked another massage in a few weeks and plan on going once or twice a month. I was very impressed with the whole experience and if you're looking for some professional massage therapy I highly suggest their services. They were the only massage therapy clinic in Nanaimo to be voted "Best Of City" (the others were day spas).

Knead Therapy is located at #330-256 Wallace Street, downtown Nanaimo (across from New York Pizza)

You can also find them on Facebook!

I also caught up with Bev later for a quick e-mail interview!

1.Q: Hi Bev, Knead Therapy is located in Nanaimo - why did you choose this city to open up your business and what do you like best about owning a business in Nanaimo?

A: I am from Nanaimo, and I knew that the downtown area was under serviced in regards to massage therapy. I wanted to have an office located where people work, where it is easy for them to get care in the middle of their day, instead of making a special trip 20 minutes away after work because they've been suffering all day. I love that I am part of a community of people that see the potential of downtown. It is full of businesses run by people, not corporations, and those people want to do good work within their community.

2.Q: You were recently chosen in Nanaimo's annual "Best Of City" as one of the best places to get a massage, what do you think makes Knead Therapy better than most?

A: We have 5 Registered Massage Therapists who are capable of helping at least 25 people a day, 6 days a week. Knead Therapy also includes 2 Physiotherapists and 1 Registered Acupuncturist. We are all able and willing to help as many people as possible. All our therapists are very talented. We all listen, we render specific treatment to our clients’ complaints and preferences. We have an easy online booking system, and a great location. I am proud of the "BEST IN THE CITY" award because we were the only therapy clinic that was recognized. I have always wanted people to see massage therapy as therapy, not a luxury. I think Nanaimo is catching on.

3.Q: How important is social media in regards to your business?

A: We are working to improve our social media presence. It isn't a crucial focus but it does give our clients and potential clients a glimpse of who are, rather than just what we do. I view social media as the fun side of our marketing. We like to use health quotes, local events, client testimonials, interesting pictures and contests with prizes from other local small business.

4.Q: Best piece of advice you could give someone who has never had a professional therapeutic massage before? Why is getting a massage important?

A: Best piece of advice: Don't expect an issue that has plagued you since childhood to be gone in one session. It is an unobtainable expectation that we hear often. Please don’t be afraid to speak up about your concerns or questions. We are trained to help you, and we can’t help what we don't know about.

5.Q: In your opinion, Top 3 restaurants in Nanaimo?

A: 1. Asterios 2. Amrikkos 3. Simon Holt

6.Q: What is the best thing about being a business owner?

A: The best part about owning Knead Therapy, is watching it grow. The growing pains, the struggles, the challenges– I find very stimulating. My personal and professional growth has grown along with our office. I am a YES person and love to problem solve, in business and in treatment of the human body.

7.Q: What are your biggest daily challenges in your line of work?

A: At this time in my career my biggest challenge is managing an office of 8 clinicians and 2 staff. I do my best to give them the support they need to be successful, while maintaining my vision of the clinic. I try to balance the office needs and wants while honouring myself as a therapist, a manager and a business owner.

8.Q: The physical demand of being an RMT must be high, what do you do to relax/de-stress?

A: I go to Nanaimo Crossfit regularly, I vent to my Husband, and I truly love massage therapy, between those three things I have balance (mostly).

9.Q: What makes a great RMT?

A: A great RMT listens to the needs of their clients and in a professional and confident manner, treats them with respect and kindness. Dealing with pain (emotional and physical), is a role a good therapist takes seriously. Sometimes bodywork is painful, and tiring but in the end can lead to improved lives. A professional therapist provides confidential health care, offers solutions to long term pain and works within the parameters of the College of Massage Therapists. Knead Therapy offers all of this and our clients can and do expect the best care offered.


meg said…
A massage therapy is probably one of the activities that I should include in my schedule. I need it so badly to reduce stress and to feel renewed again. I can just imagine how you feel after the knead experience.
s. said…
Thanks for your comment Meg - regular massages are a must for every health program!
sreno7 said…
I have massage therapy as part of my extended health benefits, is this clinic approved for that?
sreno7 said…
I get massage covered as part of my extended health benefits. Do you know if that would be the ninety .minute massage?
sreno7 said…
I get massage covered as part of my extended health benefits. Do you know if that would be the ninety .minute massage?
s. said…
Yes, this clinic will cover extended medical RMT massages!

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